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Media Contact:

Melanie Hood, NSP Marketing and Development Director
303-988-1111 x2621

Welcome to the media hub of NSP!  Here, you can download NSP logos, images and editable design files specifically made for you by NSP.  These collateral items are designed to help your patrol with recruitment and safety initiatives and the files here are available to use free of charge.

You can order most of these items (starting in the fall) by logging into the online Ski Patrol Catalog and purchasing the package of your choosing.  To get started, login by clicking on the Member Services link above and entering your 6 digit member ID and password.  Then, click on “Ski Patrol Catalog” and view the packages in the Education category.  However, if you’d rather print these documents locally (to avoid shipping costs from NSP) or edit the design of an item to better suit your patrol, please follow the steps below.

1)      Open the Dropbox folder by clicking on the following link: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

2)      View any of the items listed by clicking on its respective folder and selecting “images.”

3)      Download the images or design files by right-clicking on it and selecting “save target as.”  If you’re using a mac, simply drag the file to your desktop.  Keep in mind that if you download the design files and you don’t have the appropriate software to open them, they won’t open on your computer.  You can, however, forward the files to someone who can open them or to a printer who can print them for you.

Lastly, If you have an image or design file of something that you’d like to share with others for their recruitment and safety efforts, upload them to the “01_Shared & community – share your design files!” folder via the Dropbox link above.

If you have questions about any of these files, contact the NSP marketing department at or 303-988-1111.