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The NSP Mountain Host

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Guest expectations regarding customer service at ski areas have changed. Now, more than ever, first-rate service is essential to the ski vacation experience. As a result, mountain host and "ambassador" programs have become a vital addition to ski area staff and are common at resorts across America. These groups include both paid and volunteer skiers and snowboarders who interact with guests on the hill to promote safety and provide customer service. Mountain hosts play an important role; they represent a ski resort and often set the tone for the guest experience.

Mountain hosts utilize a variety of characteristics that can be an extension of traditional ski patrol duties: great communication skills, an understanding of slope safety issues, a desire to help the guest, and a love of the outdoors. The National Ski Patrol introduced its Mountain Host Program several years ago as one more tool to promote slope safety.

NSP mountain hosts receive an array of NSP member benefits, including basic first aid training and discounts on gear from some of the NSP sponsors (excluding Patagonia and Black Diamond).

For more information on the National Ski Patrol Mountain Host Program, or to get a unit or individual application, contact Cheri Overton at or (303) 988-1111.