Meet the NSP Safety Team

The NSP Safety Team strives to be the ski industry leader on mountain safety education and awareness for guests and employees. The team will accomplish this by aligning and collaborating with other like-minded organizations and leveraging communications materials and events to promote the safe enjoyment of snow sports. They will represent all members of the NSP with the highest level of patroller skills and a commitment to creativity and integrity.

As an NSP marketing asset, the team will help NSP reach one of the core strategic NSP objectives: increase NSP brand awareness and depth of meaning among NSP key constituencies. Through marketing activation and engagement, the NSP Safety Team also helps with outreach and recruitment and reinforces the NSP brand.

Safety Team member responsibilities include promoting safety for patrollers, resort employees, and the public; creating national safety pieces in print and digital formats that are distributed through NSP, the National Ski Areas Association, local areas, and social media platforms; representing division interests to national committees; distribution of safety items; and the promotion of Safety Month.

NSP Safety Team Vision Statement

The NSP Safety Team will be the leader in mountain safety, education, awareness, and hazards reduction.

Mission Statement

The NSP Safety Team strives to be the leader in the ski industry in education, awareness, and mountain safety for employees and guests. We will accomplish this by aligning and collaborating with other like-minded organizations. We will represent all members of the National Ski Patrol organization with the highest level of patroller skills, commitment to creativity, and integrity.

Matt Chaffin
Matt started skiing when he was five years old, taught by his father at Brighton, Utah. In fall 2002, he was hired at Canyons Resort as a rookie patroller, then became a supervisor, incident investigator, OEC instructor, snowmobile instructor, and lift evacuation instructor. He has worked the mountain bike patroller in summer for eight years. In 2010, Matt took the position of training supervisor for the pro patrol staff for winter and summer, training new patrollers in all aspects of patrol work. He was awarded a Yellow Merit Star during the 2014-2015 season.

Christine Garrison
Christi started patrolling at Ski Apache, New Mexico, in 2010. She has a masters in environmental science and numerous Occupational Safety Health Administration certifications. In January 2016, she started her appointment with the NSP Safety Team as European Division representative. She has been assistant patrol director, patrol director, and OEC program supervisor for the Ramstein Ski Patrol. In 2017, she received an NSP Yellow Merit Star for Outstanding Patrol Representative for the European Division. She continues to expand her knowledge in occupational safety and health while promoting snow safety in Europe.

Mike Husar
Mike Husar won the 2010-2011 Outstanding Patrol Representative Award from NSP, and further inspired his niece, Emily, who won the Outstanding Young Patroller Award that year. Mike started patrolling in 1975 as a young adult and became patrol director in 1985 and later implemented post-incident investigation teams. In 2011, Mike addressed the Wisconsin legislature about the importance of a Skier Safety Act and worked with ski owners to get the bill passed. Mike is the Safety Team chairperson and shares his on-hill patrol duties between Devil's Head Resort in Wisconsin and Canyons Resort in Utah.

Jimmie Luna
Jimmie started skiing as a teenager, volunteering as a coach in the adaptive ski program and for Special Olympics from 1988-1990. In 1994, he started with the Ski Apache Pro Ski Patrol. He is a Senior patroller, Young Adult Program mentor, Outdoor Emergency Care instructor, member of summer mountain rescue and bike patrol, and a nationally certified A-EMT and New Mexico EMT-Intermediate. He works part-time for Lincoln County Emergency Services responding to EMS needs in his community. He has 19 years with the New Mexico Department of Transportation supervising maintenance of roads.

Tim O'Brien
Tim lives is currently a Senior patroller at Squaw Valley, California. He has been a patroller for 37 years, beginning at Bridger Bowl in Bozeman, Montana, and earned National Appointment Number 6192. He has held a variety of divisional and regional leadership positions, and has been dedicated to teaching and training ski patrollers. Tim is both an instructor and instructor trainer in Outdoor Emergency Care and Outdoor Emergency Transportation. He has been involved in the EMS community, and has been a champion for safety in facilities management for a variety of California universities.

Nick Pulice
Nicholas was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. He started patrolling in eighth grade with Birch Hill Patrol. In 2000, he passed OEC and in 2003 become a full-time pro patroller. He is a Level I instructor with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors. As facility manager, he worked with staff to focus more public education on park safety. After moving to Anchorage in 2013, he joined the Anchorage Nordic Patrol and learned to ski and within one year was elected assistant patrol director. The patrol provides emergency care and rescue services to the South-Central Alaska area.