Scott Mundrick

Year inducted: 2017
Primary patrol: Bristol Mountain, New York

Scott's NSP career began in 1978, and he immediately developed a lifelong passion for patrolling. After becoming a Senior patroller in 1982, he began instructing Ski and Toboggan. He quickly advanced to become a Senior trainer/evaluator in 1983, an instructor trainer on the division staff in 1989, and a member of the Steering Committee in 1993. He currently is a region lift evacuation program director.

In 1995, Scott became the division S&T snowboard advisor. He formed a team of patrollers on snowboards and traveled throughout the division to demonstrate that snowboards did indeed have a place in patrolling. His advocacy and leadership built the foundation for patrolling on alternative equipment.

At Bristol Mountain, he has served as hill chief, patrol director, and pro patroller. Scott received his National Appointment Number 7379 in 1991. He has been awarded four Yellow Merit Stars, a Distinguished Service Award, and a Meritorious Service Award. He was Eastern Division Outstanding Paid Patroller in 2009.