Ron Clark

Year inducted: 2017
Primary patrol: Butternut, Massachusetts; Thunderbolt Backcountry, Massachusetts

Ron Clark's contributions to the National Ski Patrol have been long and varied. He joined NSP in 1973 and is currently a member of both the Butternut Ski Patrol and the Thunderbolt Backcountry Ski Patrol in Western Massachusetts. Ron served the Connecticut Region as Mountaineering advisor from 1980-85. In 1987, Ron became the Eastern Division Mountaineering advisor, and in 1992 he was appointed NSP Mountain Travel and Rescue Program advisor. In addition to writing many articles for Ski Patrol Magazine and Trail Sweep, Ron co-authored the first Eastern Division Avalanche and Ski Mountaineering Instructor Manual, the NSP Mountain Travel and Rescue Manual, and a national Ski Mountaineering Instructor Manual. Under Ron's guidance, the Ski Mountaineering Program officially became the Mountain Travel and Rescue Program as it is known today.

Ron received National Appointment Number 7037 in 1988, a Distinguished Service Award in 1996, and a Gold Merit Star as the NSP National Outstanding Administrative Patroller in 2000.