Rick Knight

Year inducted: 2016
Primary patrol: Mount Southington, Connecticut

Rick Knight joined the Mount Southington Ski Patrol in 1977. He became a Senior alpine patroller in 1981. He received National Appointment Number 10304 in 2005, a Meritorious Service Award, the Eastern Division Outstanding Administrator Award, and a Silver Merit Star as the NSP National Outstanding Administrative Patroller runner-up in 2014.

Rick has held many administrative positions, including section chief, region director, assistant division director, and interim executive director. He was elected to the NSP board of directors in 2014 and elected NSP national chair in 2018. Rick's focus has been on financial aspects, having served as chair of the Eastern Division and NSP Finance committees, bringing the Eastern Division and NSP to financial stability and complete compliance. He has also contributed in governance with the bylaws rewrite for the Eastern Division in 2004 and the NSP strategic plan in 2015.