Dick Thalacker

Year inducted: 2018

Dick Thalacker started patrolling in 1961 on the Gatlinburg Ski Patrol, which at the time was not in the NSP. He then joined NSP in 1964. In his patrol career, he held many leadership positions, including patrol director, section chief of the Tennessee/Kentucky Section, Dixie Region director, Southern Division Awards supervisor, assistant section chief of Section II of the Eastern Michigan Region, Eastern Michigan Region director, Central Division Awards supervisor, and Central Division assistant director, in which role he served on the NSP board of directors.

Dick received National Appointment Number 4329, a Yellow Merit Star, an Outstanding Administrator Award, Distinguished Service Award and Meritorious Service Award. He also received a Silver Merit Star as runner-up for NSP National Outstanding Patrol Representative and a Central Division Lifetime Achievement Award.

As NSP National Awards advisor, he revamped the Awards Program. Many of the templates for the forms and certificates used to this day are a result of Dick's efforts.