Mary Davis

Year inducted: 2016
Primary patrol: Bromley Mountain, Vermont

Mary joined the West Mountain Ski Patrol in 1968. She became involved in patrol leadership, serving as assistant patrol director, patrol director, region first aid advisor, and Eastern Division First Aid advisor. As a member of the NSP First Aid Committee and OEC Committee, she was involved in the development of the Outdoor Emergency Care Program and the Instructor Development Program. In 1992, she was elected to the NSP board of directors and became an assistant division director. She served on the NSP Executive Committee from 1997-2002.

Mary joined the Bromley Mountain Ski Patrol in 1999 and continues to serve there. She was awarded National Appointment Number 5006 in 1976 and was recognized as the Southern Division Outstanding Professional Patroller in 1986. In 1991, she was recognized as the Eastern Division Outstanding Administrator and received a Gold Merit Star as the NSP National Outstanding Administrative Patroller. She has an award named after her at the division level.