Martin Huebner

Year inducted: 2017
Primary patrol: Grand Targhee, Wyoming; Idaho Falls Nordic, Idaho

Martin Huebner launched his NSP career in 1966 as a charter member and assistant director of the Taylor Mountain Ski Patrol, authoring the patrol's avalanche plan. He instructed first aid, Winter Emergency Care, Outdoor Emergency Care, Avalanche, Mountain Travel and Rescue, and Professional Ski Instructors of America Level II Nordic and alpine skiing.

Martin later transferred to Grand Targhee, dual registering as co-founder of Idaho Falls Nordic while serving across all levels as NSP advisor for the Avalanche, Nordic, and Awards programs. He has served as the NSP Nordic Program director (1978-1986) and NSP Alumni advisor (2013-2017). He was an invited presenter for national Nordic Seminars, U.S. Forest Service National Avalanche School, and five Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski conventions, as well as a contributor/editor for first NSP Nordic Manual.

Martin has won division Outstanding Alpine Patroller (1979) and division Outstanding Nordic Patroller, and also received a Gold Merit Star for NSP National Outstanding Nordic Patroller (1983). He holds National Appointment Number 3378.