Harry Pollard Jr.

Year inducted: 2012

Harry Pollard Jr. was the fifth NSP national chair, serving in that position from 1968-1976. Many significant advances occurred under his leadership. The Candidate category was established and National Patroller, the forerunner to Ski Patrol Magazine, was published and sent to all registered patrollers. The largest growth in NSP membership occurred in 1971, when membership went from just under 19,000 to nearly 23,000. The NSP board of directors voted to change its structure to incorporate proportional representation. Large divisions, such as Eastern, Central, and Far West, all gained additional board seats. The board then was comprised of division directors and board representatives.

The first annual Junior Seminar was held at Bridger Bowl in Montana. There was a great deal of cooperation between NSP and the American Red Cross in developing a Ski Patrol First Aid Instructors' Guide approved by the ARC. CPR became a requirement for all members. The first Lift Evacuation Manual was published, and, with the help of Jack Kemp from New York and Thomas McIntyre of New Hampshire, work started on getting NSP a federal charter. Nordic patrols were established, and Nordic patroller became a membership category.