Bill Bullen

Year inducted: 2018
Primary patrol: Beaver Mountain, Utah

Charles William "Bill" Bullen embarked upon his distinguished NSP journey in 1966 with the Beaver Mountain (Utah) Ski Patrol, followed by a brief stint with the Pike's Peak Patrol, and retired from active patrolling at Beaver Mountain in 2015. He served at every level in the Intermountain Division, from patrol representative through division director, in the years 1971–84, all the while sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm variously as a Certified instructor of first aid/Winter Emergency Care/Outdoor Emergency Care, CPR, Avalanche. and Mountaineering.

From 1985-91, Bill left an indelible mark on the history of the NSP as a national board member and particularly as national treasurer, revising accounting procedures to meet modern standards, planning the financing for the construction and maintenance of the NSP building in Lakewood, growing the cooperative agreement between NSP and the Professional Ski Instructors of America for sharing the new building, and encouraging the development and growth of the NSP Professional Division membership.

Bill has been awarded Merit Stars of all colors, including five Yellow Merit Stars, a Green Merit Star, a Gold Merit Star (Avalanche SAR), and a Purple Merit Star. He has National Appointment Number 4206 and a Distinguished Service Award from 1999. In 1991, Bill was recognized at the national level with the prestigious Minnie Dole Award.