Bela Musits

Year inducted: 2017
Primary patrol: Gore Mountain, New York

Bela joined NSP in 1970 as a junior, became a Senior in1971, and became an S&T trainer/evaluator in 1980. He served as Eastern Division S&T advisor from 1988–1990 and as a member of the Steering Committee until 2006. He served at the national level as the assistant NSP S&T advisor.

In 2006, Bela was elected to the NSP board of directors. The NSP was trying desperately to recover from a complex political and legal battle that divided the organization and brought NSP to near bankruptcy. Bela was immediately appointed national treasurer. It was with his guidance that austere budgetary measures were implemented to bring the organization out of a daunting financial deficit.

In 2010, Bela was elected national chair and encouraged the membership to "Stand United." He ensured that the NSP would be a member-driven organization and that its primary obligation would be to serve the members.

Bela received National Appointment Number 7175 in 1989 and a Distinguished Service Award in 2017.