Certified Program

Certified is a national skills development and verification program that provides a readily identifiable resource of highly motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable patrollers to better serve NSP, ski area management and the outdoor recreation community.

The Certified program is the ultimate test of your patrolling capabilities and knowledge base. Your preparation to participate will provide a unique opportunity to learn from others, to broaden your experience and sharpen your skills. Admission is not automatic. The credentials of a certified candidate are reviewed and qualified individuals are invited to participate in the annual certified test. The certified test is an intensive 3-day event that tests all aspects of your patrolling skills.

The Certified Program has six core components examining physical endurance, knowledge, and experience, all requiring individual study and travel. The six core components are: Avalanche, Outdoor Emergency Care, Outdoor Risk Management, Rope Rescue, Skiing and Riding, Toboggan Handling. The specifics of each component can be found below in a document titled “ Certified Program Operations Manual”. This member designed and approved standard is without compromise, where excellence is mandatory.

Certified National Program Supervisor: Chris Brodersen, certified@nspserves.org