Enjoy the View! Photo Contest: VIEW THE WINNERS!!

Once again, patrollers stepped forward to show us their best creative skills, as over 600 photos, and over 12 videos were submitted for the Enjoy the View! Photo Contest. The contest expanded this year to include four Instagram categories: #SkiPatrolDogs16, #NSPYAP16, #NSPPowderDays16, and #NSPHumor16, along with the traditional categories of Après Patrolling, Patrol Life, The Ski and Snowboard Experience, and video.

The winners included Brandon Gualdoni, of the Schuss Mountain Ski Patrol in Michigan, for Après Patrolling photo, Mark Meakins, of the Snowbasin Ski Patrol in Utah, for Patrol Life photo, Matt Stouder, of the Willamette Pass Ski Patrol in Oregon, for The Ski and Snowboard Experience photo, and Alan Heckart, of the Denali Ski Patrol in Alaska, for Video.

In Instagram, the winners included Brendan McCue, of the Beaver Creek Ski Patrol in Colorado, for #NSPPowderDays16 photo, Paul Klein, of the Mt. Hood Meadows Pro Ski Patrol in Oregon, for #NSPPatrolHumor16 photo, Valerie Sorrells, of the Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol in New York, for #NSPYAP photo, and Jake Blaskowski, of the Brighton Ski Patrol in Utah, for #SkiPatrolDogs16 photo.

Thank you to all of our great sponsors for being a part of the NSP Enjoy the View! photo contest and for supporting patrollers in their hard work each day!


BELOW are the winning photographs and videos in each category. Use the slideshow controls at the bottom to either play the show of the three winners in the categories, or advance the photos manually. Congratulations to all who won, and thank you to everyone who submitted photographs. You made the contest a rousing success!!

Après Patrolling Winners

Patrol Life Winners

The Ski and Snowboard Experience Winners

Instagram Winners: #SkiPatrolDogs16

Instagram Winners: #NSPPowderDays16

Instagram Winners: #NSPPatrolHumor16

Instagram Winners: #NSPYAP16

Video Winners

1) Alan Heckart

2) Erika Chapman: Why Do You Ski Patrol?

3) Brett Hamlin & Chris Marr: Danny Boy