The NSP Associate Membership

About The Associate Membership

The Associate membership option is available for individuals who want to be "friends" of the National Ski Patrol.  Many of these individuals are interested in taking National Ski Patrol courses.  Please note that courses are offered through patrols and a small number of affiliate organizations, not through the national office.  Individuals interested in taking a course as a visitor or joining a patrol should contact the patrol to learn more about their course offerings and patrol guidelines.  Contact information is available under the About Us section of the website. 

The associate membership fee is $80.00 per year. Associate members are non-voting.

How to become an NSP Associate

To learn more about the NSP Associate membership option, or to become an associate member, simply contact


Become an Associate member

Associate members receive the following benefits:

  • An annual subscription to Ski Patrol Magazine.
  • The ability to purchase all NSP Online Store items except patrol uniform-specific items.
  • Access to all Pro Deals, excluding Black Diamond and including limited Patagonia discounts.
  • The ability to participate and be credentialed in NSP training or education programs, per the above guidelines.
  • Comprehensive support services.
  • Online resources.
  • Annual updates.