Physician Partners

Physician partners are volunteer physicians who assist with Outdoor Emergency Care training and general medical training of patrollers. Physician partners must have either an M.D. or D.O degree. Physician partners are not required to complete the OEC course or take annual OEC refreshers. They are not required to provide emergency care or on-hill patroller duties, but may be asked to assist with instruction and quality assurance for OEC courses and, if authorized by area management, provide medical assistance.  Contact for more information about including physician partners on patrol rosters.


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Education Programs and Credentials

Take advantage of a wide range of education programs designed to help you improve your patrolling skills and become an even more valuable member to your patrol team. Education programs are offered around the country through various division clinics, courses, and meetings that address core patrolling competencies. NSP training is second to none.

Education Materials

To further support the National Ski Patrol education programs, a wide range of manuals, videos, and other materials can be purchased through the NSP Online Store and are available to members at the lowest possible cost.

NSP Online Store

The NSP Online Store is stocked with a variety of merchandise offered at great discounts, including patroller uniforms, gear, and NSP-branded clothing and more. The NSP Online Store is an excellent way to shop for all your patroller needs.

NSP Partner Pro Deals

Many of NSP's partner companies offer patrollers direct purchase programs at discounted prices through the NSP Pro Deals Page. This page currently has over 60 companies on it offering everything from clothing and goggles to skis, snowboards, and medical supplies. Additionally, Official Suppliers support the NSP by promoting the NSP to area management and the public.

Ski Patrol Magazine

The definitive publication on what is happening in the world of patrolling, this award-winning magazine is published and delivered to you three times a year. In addition to bringing you in-depth information on emergency medical care, avalanche safety and rescue, toboggan handling, skiing and snowboarding proficiency, wilderness travel and other pertinent topics, writers, contributors, and fellow patrollers bring you stories and humor relevant to patroller life.