Young Adult Adviser saught (02-12-18)
The National Ski Patrol is a member-driven organization that values and seeks to grow the diversity of its membership. To achieve its objectives, the NSP offers courses and programs designed to provide all types of patrollers with the skill sets they require to perform the services the ski areas and the skiing public expect. In addition to the core competency courses such as Outdoor Emergency care, Avalanche, and Mountain Travel and Rescue, the NSP offers programs to support groups of patrollers with specific interests or needs. The Young Adult Program is one of these programs. The NSP Young Adult Patroller Program is dedicated to advancing the patrolling skills of our young members.

The National Ski Patrol is looking for a committed leader to manage as well as oversee program development and other new initiatives in the Young Adult Program. Read more about the application requirements and process here.
Applications should be sent to the Young Adult Adviser Search Committee Chair Ty Damon at, no later than midnight on March 1, 2018.

Each year, the Nominations Committee for the national board of directors puts out a call for one member-at-large to help the committee select the slate of candidates for election to the board. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please submit a resume that includes your NSP background and experience and a letter outlining why you wish to be selected for this position to the Nominations Committee by February 18, 2018. To apply, log in to the NSP website and click "Board News" from the member landing page.

From the NSP Bylaws:

10.1 Nominations Committee - There shall be a Nominations Committee consisting of two Division Directors (selected by the Division Directors), two members of the current Board of Directors (selected by the Board of Directors) and a fifth member called the Member-at-Large who shall be selected by the other four members of the committee. The five members shall elect the Committee Chair from among their number. Division Director and Board Member eligibility shall be rotated among those eligible and be limited to those with terms not expiring in the current year. Any Traditional Member in good standing, who is not and has not been a Division Director or Board Member, is eligible to be the Member-at-Large.
10.6 b. March 1 – The deadline for selection of the Member-at-Large and Committee Chair of the Nominations committee. The Nominating Committee may extend this date by up to twenty one (21) days upon approval by a majority of the Nominating Committee.