NSP seeks National Medical Advisor (01/18/19)

The National Ski Patrol is searching for a new national medical advisor, who will take over the position upon the retirement of David Johe, M.D., later this year. The new national medical advisor will serve as assistant national medical advisor, learning about the position from Dr. Johe until he steps down.  The deadline for applications is Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at midnight mountain time. 

As provided for in the National Ski Patrol Policies and Procedures, Section 2.3.4, the national medical advisor must meet the following qualifications:

a. Is a currently-licensed M.D. or D.O. with an interest in outdoor/wilderness medicine and ski patrolling.
b. Is a current NSP Traditional Member.
c. Is an OEC instructor.

Section sets out the responsibilities of the National Medical Advisor:


a. Chairs the National Medical Committee.
b. Communication. Serves as a resource on current issues and concerns that relate to Outdoor Emergency Care and other medical issues for the NSP and its divisions, regions, patrols, and members.
c. Works with the national chair, education director, OEC Program director, and national legal advisor on pertinent issues.
d. Education. Participates in NSP education programs and continuing education on request as an advisor.
e. Actively participates in national meetings and national OEC instructor trainer/instructor meetings, seminars, and/or committees as directed by the national chair or at the request of the OEC Program director.
f. Participates in national, regional, and state EMS activities (meetings, conferences, etc.) as appropriate and directed by the national chair to provide general representation for the NSP in the interest of ski patrolling.
g. Interfaces with the national EMS system to ensure that quality emergency medical care is taught, and that management audits are conducted for the OEC care provided by patrollers.
h. Evaluates new medical equipment and techniques and assesses their capabilities for ski patrolling activities.

In addition, the National Medical Advisor will be responsible for keeping up to date the OEC manual (OEC 6th ed. is in publication at this time). The new national medical advisor will work with Dr. Johe and the OEC 6th ed. team to complete its publication and then take over the future editions.

The national medical advisor is appointed by the national chair and confirmed by the national board of directors. Appointment coincides with the term of the national chair, or with a vacancy in the position, and serves at the prerogative of the national chair for up to six years, per section 2.3 of the National Ski Patrol Policies and Procedures, which states, "Any and all National Volunteer Staff/Program Directors/Advisor/Appointees can serve for a maximum lifetime of 6 years. Under exigent circumstances, the Board, by majority vote, may extend the term beyond 6 years until the end of those circumstances."

If you have an interest in this position, please send the following:

  • Letter of application
  • NSP/work résumé
  • A one-page vision statement for the position of National Medical Advisor of the National Ski Patrol
  • Two letters of recommendation

Please send the materials to NationalMedicalAdvisorSearch@nspserves.org.

If you have questions about the position, please email National Medical Advisor Search Committee Chair Ken Kramer at kkramer@nspserves.org.