Charles “Minnie” Dole Service and Safety Memorial Contribution

A salute to all of the dedicated and enthusiastic past members of the National Ski Patrol. We recognize and appreciate their devotion to skiing and patrolling, and living by the NSP creed of “Service and Safety.”

Memorial contributions are intended to provide a means of honoring and remembering Patrollers and Friends of Skiing and Service to the National Ski Patrol.

The National Ski Patrol, a federally-chartered nonprofit organization, was founded in 1938 by Charles M. (Minnie) Dole, who guided the organization to become the largest winter rescue organization in the world. NSP members provide emergency care, search and rescue, avalanche control, and lift evacuation, making mountain recreation safer and more enjoyable for all of us.

Please state in whose memory the gift is made and provide the address of the family. The NSP office will inform the family of the contribution and the name of the benefactor, without revealing the amount of the gift. The contributor will also receive a letter of thank you from the NSP. For all gifts larger than $500, the honored patroller’s name will be listed on the Memorial Plaque proudly displayed at the national office in Lakewood, Colo. Further, a plaque honoring and remembering the patroller will be sent to their home ski patrol for the patrol to display in the patrol room.

Send donations to:

Memorial Fund, c/o NSP Finance Director
National Ski Patrol Systems, Inc.
133 South Van Gordon St., Suite 100
Lakewood, CO 80228

Download the form to make a contribution.
(Microsoft Word Document)