Education Endowment Fund

The Education Endowment Fund, also called the "Forever Giving Fund," is a fund set aside to specifically support NSP education programs. Our programs include:

  • Outdoor Emergency Care
  • Avalanche
  • Certified
  • Instructor Development
  • Mountain Travel Rescue
  • Nordic/Backcountry
  • Outdoor Emergency Transportation
  • Outdoor First Care
  • Women’s
  • Alumni
  • Young Adult Patrollers

This fund was designed to grow through charitable giving and lifetime membership dues. Currently, roughly 7 percent of the fund balance can be spent annually on these programs. We are aiming to increase the balance so that we can start to fund some significant projects.

Why was it created?

NSP's legacy includes the creation of an education and training program for outdoor rescuers. The organization spends a great amount of time and money developing, maintaining, and delivering our quality education programs to cultivate the best outdoor rescuers in the world. We want to provide the opportunity for donors to direct their giving specifically toward the continued development of this quality education and training. This is a contribution toward ensuring the preservation of our legacy.

What has the Fund achieved?

So far, the Fund has been activated to fund scholarships for young adult patrollers to attend Powderfall 2017. The experience allowed great exposure for these future patrollers to learn and meet seasoned patrollers from across the country and contribute to their training as the next generation of outdoor rescuers. As awareness of the Fund begins to spread and the Fund continues to grow, we look forward to funding major projects like the augmentation of our training materials and the ability to provide new OEC books to all instructors. We welcome proposals from our membership about additional projects that the Fund can support. This is a great opportunity for you be part of strengthening our legacy! Please contact the executive director with your proposals.

Who chooses how the money is spent?

Our executive director makes recommendations on how the Fund should be utilized, and our national board of directors can approve or disapprove the requests for expenditure.

Want more info?

Please refer to section 7.3.6 in the National Ski Patrol Policies and Procedures (2016 edition) to find more information on this Fund. You also may contact NSP Staff Accountant Stephanie Zavislan at or (303) 888-1111 x2638.

Do you know anyone who has become a National Ski Patrol Lifetime Member? All Lifetime membership dues go directly into the Education Endowment Fund.