OEC6 is available in print and as an ebook.

You can order the book or the ebook on our publisher Jones & Bartlett Learning (JBL)'s website.

OEC6 purchasing options -- NSP Member prices
Prices below reflect NSP members' 25% discount
Printed book: $93.71
eBook: $47.21
Audio book: not available for individual purchase
Navigate course materials ONLY: $70.46

To receive the 25% discount, use discount code NSPMEC2 on the shopping cart screen. (Full list price of the printed book is $124.95; eBook is $62.95; Navigate course materials $93.95.)

Kindle edition is also available! If you have a Kindle device or use the Kindle application, you can now order the Kindle version of OEC6 at Amazon via this link. Access to Navigate is not available with the Kindle edition. (Please note that the Kindle edition price is $99.96, as the discount JBL is offering for both the print book or JBL eBook is not available through Amazon.)

From an NSP member:
"I am SO happy with the 6th edition. I essentially read the whole book in about 60 hours. The book reads like a novel which makes it so easy to read. The material is relevant and concise. The reinforcement of the assessments in each chapter is great."

As of July 1, 2020
all NSP members and candidates taking the OEC course must be using the new 6th edition and are not required to take the 2020 Refresher Cycle A.

For bulk orders and tax-exempt status, please call JBL's customer service at 1-978-443-5000 (option 1) to place your order.

The printed book comes with one year of access to the Navigate course materials, which includes the eBook and the audio book. You will probably want to wait to access the Navigate materials until you begin your OEC class or refresher, to ensure you have a full year of access.

The eBook purchase does not come with access to the Navigate course materials.

OEC6 Errata
(Adobe PDF File)
OEC6 Frequently Asked Questions
(Please check back often for updates.)

Is any part of OEC6 available online?
Yes: the book is available in eBook format. *  It is also available as a Kindle edition, but the NSP discount does not apply.
Purchase of theprinted book includes free access to the online Navigate course**, which includes:
- all ancillary materials such as study guides, instructor PowerPoint presentations, skills assessments, test banks, and scenario banks
- the eBook
- the audiobook

*The stand-alone eBook and Kindle edition do not include access to the Navigate course.
**The materials available in the Navigate course are different for instructors than for students.

Is any part of OEC6 available online?

The online materials, are available through Jones & Bartlett Learning’s Navigate course. Students have access to Navigate for 365 days after they register. (Note: it is advised that you wait to register for Navigate until you begin your OEC course or refresher, to ensure that you have access for a full year beginning with that course or refresher.)

Navigate Tutorial for Students
For Instructors
About the 2020 Cycle A Refresher
Make sure to visit the COVID-19 Updates page for important information about updated requirements for this year's Refresher.

The 2020 OEC Cycle A Refresher minimum requirement will consist of completion of the OEC Refresher Workbook and completion of the OEC 2020 Cycle A Refresher Training online portion only. QA will be completed by the assigned Instructor Trainer (IT) by verification of review of the certificates issued upon successful completion of the online modules. Once the IT has cross checked the course roster with the completion certificates, the course can be closed.  Registration for OEC 2020 Cycle A Refresher will be as it has been for the past years and everyone taking the online module must also register/enroll in the OEC 2020 Cycle A Refresher.

The OEC 2020 Skills performance (hands-on skills) will be integrated into the OEC 2021 Cycle B refresher. However, all OEC technicians are encouraged to continue to review and practice the skills outlined in the OEC 2020 Refresher workbook during the season or prior to the season as allowed. Completing any additional training is not part of the Cycle A refresher.

For the Instructor of Record and Instructor Trainers the certificate of completion provided at the end of the online course will provide evidence of completion of both the workbook and online portion of the training and will meet the requirements of the OEC Cycle A refresher for 2020.  This certificate will be reviewed by the Instructor Trainer prior to closing the class and signing off on the roster as stated previously.

Instructor resources:

Instructor access to the Navigate course provides instructor materials, and allows instructors to deliver quizzes, customize their courses, manage a gradebook and view analytics for their course. You can learn more about Navigate and view screenshots at www.jblnavigate.com. Instructors' access to Navigate is good for 4 years. There is also an Instructor Tool Kit included in the price of the text that provides many of the Navigate materials in formats that are easier to download and use offline.
You can learn more about OEC6 instructional materials from the tutorials at the bottom of this page, and you can contact your Regional OEC Administrator for details and instructions.
What is the best way to bulk order OEC6 books?
For bulk orders and tax exempt status, please call JBL's customer service at 800-832-0034, ext. 8197 to place your order.

How do instructors obtain access to the Navigate course to utilize it in teaching OEC?

Instructors are encouraged to use Navigate as a resource in teaching their OEC courses. Information about how to gain access to instructor access to the Navigate materials will be available soon.

Is there an extra charge for students to take the online course?

No, there is no additional fee.

How long can students access the online resources after they purchase the book?
Students can access the Navigate course for 365 days after they register for the course. (Note: it is advised that members wait to register for Navigate until they begin their OEC course or refresher, to ensure that they have access for a full year beginning with that course or refresher.)

What if I need to teach a make-up Refresher B or C?
Make-ups for OEC5 Refresher cycles will still continue as normal and can be accessed on the NSP website.

Navigate Tutorials