Patrollers are the backbone of the National Ski Patrol. There are over 27,000 patrollers on over 650 patrols across the country. Patrollers work on both alpine skis and Nordic skis, and in addition to their medical training are trained in transporting patients down the mountain in a toboggan. Patrollers can also work in first aid rooms and on the hill providing first aid, but not transporting patients.

As a member of the National Ski Patrol, you are part of a dynamic, respected group of individuals whose love for skiing, snowboarding, and all things fun in the snow is matched only by our commitment to helping others. While spending the day on the slopes rescuing skiers, providing medical care, and in general being an all-around hero on the mountain is rewarding enough, there are other benefits to being a National Ski Patrol member.

Additional benefits include:
  • Association magazines
  • Education programs and credentials
  • Education materials
  • Promoting patrolling
  • Member services
  • Member purchase programs

Association Magazines

Ski Patrol Magazine

The definitive publication on what is happening in the world of patrolling, this award-winning magazine is published and delivered to you three times a year. In addition to bringing you in-depth information on emergency medical care, avalanche safety and rescue, toboggan handling, skiing and snowboarding proficiency, wilderness travel and other pertinent topics, writers, contributors, and fellow patrollers bring you stories and humor relevant to patroller life.

Education Programs and Credentials

Take advantage of a wide range of education programs designed to help you improve your patrolling skills and become an even more valuable member to your patrol team, area management, and snowsport-loving public. Education programs are offered around the country through various division clinics, courses, and meetings. This training addresses core patrolling competencies, assuring your area management and the public that you are indeed a knowledgeable and capable care provider. NSP training is second to none and lets everyone know you are among the best of the best.

Course offerings cover:

  • Outdoor Emergency Care®
  • Alpine skiing, snowboarding, and Nordic skiing proficiency
  • Toboggan handling (aka Outdoor Emergency Transportation)
  • Mountain Travel and Rescue Level 1 and Level 2
  • Avalanche Level 1 and Level 2
  • Instructor Development

In addition to these ongoing programs, every other spring, the NSP hosts Powderfall, an exceptional three-day national education event. Held in different locations around the country, this is something every NSP member should experience at least once.

Education Materials

To further support the National Ski Patrol education programs, a wide range of manuals, videos, and other materials can be purchased through the NSP Ski Patrol Catalog and are available to members at the lowest possible cost.

Promoting Patrolling

The number one way to promote patrolling to the public is through your actions every time you put on your white cross and jacket. Beyond that, the NSP cooperates with a variety of national sponsors and establishes links with other snow sports organizations to promote the National Ski Patrol, as well as the industry as a whole. The NSP also participates in several trade shows and conventions to promote patrolling.

Member Services

Member services staff are available by phone, fax, or email to respond to and promptly answer your questions regarding NSP events, courses, membership status, catalog orders, NSP policies and procedures, and other topics important to you.

The "Member Services" section of the website allows you to quickly and easily change your member records, shop the NSP Online Store, participate in the member forum, or check out courses and current events.

Member Purchase and Affinity Programs

As a way to thank you for your investment and dedication as a member, the National Ski Patrol has developed programs that can be worth many times your annual NSP dues.

The NSP Ski Patrol Catalog comes out in the fall and and offers products you use every day while fulfilling your patrolling duties, items that reflect the pride you take in your membership, and dramatically reduced prices on a number of hard-to-find items that make patrolling easier and more enjoyable. An additional, smaller catalog comes out in the spring with a variety of summer products that can help with those working on bike patrols and other summer rescue organizations.

Additionally, many of NSP's partner companies offer patrollers direct purchase programs at discounted prices through the NSP Pro Deals Page, which currently has over 60 companies on it offering everything from clothing and goggles to skis, snowboards, and medical supplies.

Additionally, Official Suppliers support your association by either promoting the NSP to area management and the public or by making a contribution to the NSP’s endowment fund. This helps the NSP generate revenue that in turn helps keep dues increases in check.