What is An Alumni Member?

Alumni membership is a way for former patrollers to remain members of the NSP. The alumni member category was created in 1977. Alumni membership is available to anyone who has been registered with the NSP as a patroller or physician partner (above candidate) for one year. Alumni members can choose how involved they want to be with patrolling. Some alumni remain as instructors and stay involved with their local patrol, while others just want to receive the following national benefits:

  • Education resources, including recording OEC refresher completion
  • NSP merchandise through the NSP Online Store
  • Discounts from NSP partner companies on pro deals
  • Ski Patrol Magazine (published three times annually)
  • Continued years of NSP service
  • Voting rights in board elections

Alumni membership is only $30 annually! There are over 3,500 alumni members of the NSP.

NSP Alumni Program Officers

National Alumni Adviser: Marty Huebner

Alumni Advisers 2017