Myron Allen, NSP Moutain Travel and Rescue Program Director

NSP: When did you become a patroller, and what led you to start patrolling?

Myron: I joined NSP in January 1995, after taking an OEC course. I had no intention to become a ski patroller, but after finishing OEC I thought I'd spend a year practicing my new emergency care skills. One year turned into 23 and counting, and I've become an instructor in four NSP disciplines (OEC, Avalanche, MTR, and Nordic/Backcountry).

NSP: What did you find most challenging about patroller training prior to becoming a patroller?
Myron: I tried hard to keep my wits about me during OEC scenarios, where seasoned patrollers were watching and judging.

NSP: How many cups of coffee do you drink during a patrol shift?
Myron: By the time the shift starts, I've had more than enough.

NSP: Powder or groomers?
Myron: Powder in the backcountry, groomers on skating and classic trails. How's that for a Nordic answer?

NSP: What have you learned the most about yourself from patrolling?
Myron: I've learned that I can stay calm in an emergency and use my rescue skills effectively. I've learned the thrill of sharing what I know with newer patrollers. And I've learned that there's always more for me to learn from other patrollers.

NSP: What do you find most rewarding about patrolling and being a member of the National Ski Patrol?
Myron: My personal reward meter redlines whenever someone whom I've helped to train saves a life.

NSP: As the Mountain Travel and Rescue Program Director, can you tell us what you love most about the MTR program?
Myron: The MTR program integrates all of the skills needed to be a complete ski patroller. Participants learn how to maintain comfort in the mountain environment, manage a wide spectrum of mountain hazards, lead rescue teams, and locate, access, stabilize, and transport patients in high, cold, steep, remote places.

NSP: How can patrollers become involved in the MTR program?
Myron: Take MTR 1! If you can't find a course nearby, contact your division's MTR Program supervisor and let him or her know that you're interested. NSP offers MTR courses in all divisions, including the European and Pro Divisions. If you've taken MTR 1 and MTR 2, become an instructor — especially if you're a woman. We need more women in our instructor ranks!