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  Who's Who
CENTRAL Division
Members of the NSP Board of Directors and national officers are elected or appointed in accordance with NSP by-laws. Election procedures can be found in the NSP Policies and Procedures, available to any NSP member.

Division Director
John L. Thomas
72212 300th Ave
Lake City, 55041-9538 MN


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C001 - Central Admin Patrol
website C002 - Afton Alps
C003 - Spicy Run Mountain
website C004 - Alpine Valley East
C005 - Alpine Valley Ohio
C006 - Alpine Valley West
website C009 - Apple Mountain
C010 - Mt Holiday
C011 - Sundown
website C012 - Devils Head
C013 - Blue Mound Nordic
C014 - Big Powderhorn Mt
C015 - Hidden Valley Ski Patrol
website C016 - Boyne Highlands
C017 - Boyne Mountain
website C018 - Ski Brule
website C019 - Buck Hill
website C020 - Raging Buffalo
C021 - Norsk
website C022 - Caberfae
website C024 - Cannonsburg
C027 - Cascade Mountain
website C030 - Chestnut Mountain
C032 - Cleveland Ski Club
website C033 - Marquette Mountain
website C034 - Fun Valley
C035 - Hanson Hills Ski Patrol
C036 - Detroit Metro
C038 - Norway Mountain
C039 - Des Plaines River Nordic
C040 - Ohio Nordics
C041 - Wild River Nordic
website C042 - Four Lakes
C045 - Viking Nordic
website C046 - Giants Ridge
C047 - Navarino
C049 - Heiliger Huegel
C050 - Hickory Hills
website C052 - Nine Mile Forest
C055 - Three Rivers
C056 - Indianhead Mountain
website C057 - Spirit Mountain
C058 - The Homestead
C061 - Copper Country Nordic
website C064 - Little Switzerland
website C066 - Lutsen Mt
C068 - Cuyahoga Nordics
C071 - Fox Hill
C073 - Mont Du Lac
website C074 - Mont Ripley
C075 - Mt Ashwabay
website C076 - Mt Brighton
C077 - Como Ski Center
website C082 - Mt Holly
website C083 - Mt La Crosse
C091 - Nomads Nordic
C093 - Nubs Nob
website C096 - Otsego Club Ski Patol
C097 - Pando
website C098 - Buena Vista
C099 - Indigan
website C100 - Pine Knob
C102 - Pines
website C103 - Snowstar
C104 - Michiana Bike Patrol
website C105 - Powder Ridge
website C106 - Perfect North Slopes
website C107 - Granite Peak
C108 - Madison Area Nordic
C109 - Northern Ohio
C110 - N Michigan Reg Metro
C111 - Shanty Creek
C112 - Snow Creek
C113 - Porcupine Mountain
website C114 - Boston Mills/Brandywine
C117 - Skyline Michigan
website C119 - Snow Trails
C120 - Potawatomi Park
C122 - Norsk
website C123 - Paoli Peaks
C124 - Standing Rocks
C125 - Mount Itasca
C127 - Swiss Valley
website C128 - Treetops Sylvan Resort
website C132 - Trollhaugen
website C137 - Mad River Mountain
website C140 - Welch Village
website C142 - Wilmot Mountain
C145 - Sunburst
website C150 - Schuss Mountain
website C151 - Coffee Mill
website C152 - Wild Mountain
C153 - Bruce Mound
website C154 - Christie Mountain
website C156 - Timber Ridge
website C158 - Blackjack Ski Resort
website C160 - Villa Olivia
C161 - Nordic Mt
C163 - Mt Hardscrabble
C164 - Mount Bohemia Ski Patrol
C165 - Snowsnake Mountain
C167 - Grand Geneva
website C169 - Blizzard Metro
C170 - Sitzmark Milwaukee
C179 - W Michigan Nordic
C181 - Gladstone Sports Park
website C183 - Crystal Mountain
C184 - Northern Mich Nordic
website C190 - Pine Mountain
website C191 - Glacial Park
website C192 - Mt Kato
C193 - Skyline Area
website C197 - Mount Ski Gull
C202 - Detroit Mountain
C203 - Trail's End Nordic
C206 - Sleepy Hollow Sports
C207 - Seven Oaks
C208 - Porcupine Mts Nordic
website C209 - Rock Ski Patrol
C210 - Northwest Nordic
C211 - Eagle Creek Nordic
website C213 - Steeplechase
C214 - Blackhawk Ski Club
website C215 - Christmas Mountain
website C216 - Ausblick
C217 - Tyrol Basin
C283 - Independence Oaks Nordic
website C285 - Great Bear
C286 - Minocqua Winter Park
C289 - Superior Nordic
website C290 - Bittersweet Patrol
C291 - Pine Haven Nordic
website C293 - Hidden Valley
website C294 - Hiawatha Nordic
C296 - Andes Tower Hill
C298 - Fort McCoy
C301 - Telemark Ski Patrol
C302 - Camp 10
C600 - Alumni
C601 - Alumni/Ohio
C602 - Alumni/E Michigan
C603 - Alumni/W Michigan
C604 - Alumni/N Michigan
C605 - Alumni/N Central
C606 - Alumni/S Central
C607 - Alumni/Southern
C608 - Alumni/Southwest
C609 - Alumni/Western
Inactive - C060 - Elm Creek Ski Patrol
Inactive - C126 - Sugar Loaf Mt