NSP Safety Initiatives

The NSP is a leader in promulgating safety in ski slopes around the nation. Two of its safety intiatives include four video public service announcements, and a Snowsmarts Safety Quiz.

The NSP Safety Team

Meet the Team!

The NSP has named eight patrollers to its 2012-2013 national safety team. These individuals bring years of experience and insight to the table.

There are other safety considerations beyond helmet use all skiers and snowboarders should keep in mind. The most obvious starts before you even get to the slopes, with knowing how to dress appropriately for the conditions outside. Adventure seekers should be aware of backcountry avalanche safety and thrill seekers should know and practice park and pipe safety.

National Safety Week –- January 19-27, 2013

NSP supports National Safety Week, which takes place in January. Click these links to see what some ski areas have planned for National Safety Week. Send us your National Safety Week activities and we will post your resort link!

NSP is also supporting chairlift safety for children with baseball cards with the tagline "Sit Back, Hold On!" Nita and Bear, the NSP Safety Team dogs, show how it is done. Click here to see what the cards look like. These can be ordered from NSP for only the cost of shipping and handling. For more information on chairlift safety, as well as posters and other materials, visit Kids on Lifts.

Facts About Slope Safety and Helmet Use (03.18.09)

The National Ski Patrol recommends wearing a helmet while skiing or snowboarding, but encourages those participating in the sports to realize that helmets do have limitations and are not a panacea for slope safety. Educating oneself about the tenets of Your Responsiblity Code, and skiing and boarding in a safe, responsible manner, are the best ways to avoid injury on the slopes.

The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) has prepared a helmet safety fact sheet. Additional ski/snowboard safety statistics are available in the press room at NSAA.

Contact your local ski patrol member or a safety team member for questions. Remember: NSP is working 365 days a year, and safety starts with you!

Safety on the slopes

In addition to the proper use of helmets, the NSP, in conjunction with National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) has developed Your Responsiblity Code to help snowsports enthusiasts avoid injury and make their experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. The Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association (PNSAA) created a fun video to highlight the importance of Your Responsibliity Code. Check it out!