Meet the 2012-2013 NSP Safety Team

In 2008, the National Ski Patrol resurrected its Safety Team. The team worked to promote a variety of safety messages at ski resorts, and position the NSP as the leading authority on skiing and snowboarding safety. The tips went beyond the standards, like wearing a helmet and observing Your Responsibility Code, and got into things like nutrition, hydration, basic backcountry safety, and terrain park safety.

We would like to welcome the newest member of the NSP Safety Team, Jason Tamulen, as well as returning members Mike Husar, Brett Henyon, Shauna Bocksch, Patrick Cruver, and Sal Mascarenas, . Read more about the Safety Team members below.

"We are excited to welcome the new members to the NSP Safety Team," said NSP Managing Director Darcy Hanley. "With their background and extensive experience, it is a great opportunity to take the Safety Team's messaging and impact to the next level."

NSP Safety Team Vision Statement

The National Ski Patrol Safety Team will be the leader in mountain safety, education, awareness and hazards reduction.

Mission Statement

The National Ski Patrol Safety Team is the leader of the ski industry in education and mountain safety for employee and guests. We will represent all members of the National Ski Patrol organization, and its mission statement, with the highest level of patroller knowledge, skills, commitment to creativity, and integrity.

Shauna Bocksch
Shauna has lived and skied in Colorado since she was eight years old and has worked for the Copper Mountain Ski Patrol for eight years as the Mountain Safety Patrol (MSP) supervisor. Shauna started promoting safety early in her patrolling career, working to bring back the NSAA Safety Week to Copper. Shauna is most proud of Copper's huge turnout during NSAA's Safety Awareness Week, held each year in January. Over 1,000 guests and employees participated in last season's Safety Week, learning about everything from helmet safety to backcountry awareness. Copper's latest initiative on Collision Awareness and Prevention helped them to win NSAA's "Best Overall Safety Program: Large Resort" in the 2012/2013 season. Copper was also nationally recognized for "Most Creative Safety Initiative" in the 2011/12 season, and "Best Overall Safety Program" in the 2010/2011 season. Shauna feels fortunate to work for such a proactive ski patrol and resort where the staff and managers work together successfully to make safety on the slopes a priority. Email Shauna Bocksch.

Patrick Cruver
Pat has been a safety professional and industrial hygienist for 28 years, working in the wood products, construction, healthcare, and higher education fields. He was a pro patroller for six years, and a groomer operator for two at Stevens Pass in Washington back in the late '70s and early '80s. Since 2004, he has been an NSP volunteer patroller at Lookout Pass, Idaho. He became a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) in 2006, and earned a master's in environmental science in 2008. Pat was selected to be a member of the NSP Safety Team in 2010. He continues to be dedicated to accident prevention for all persons involved in snow sports. Email Patrick Cruver.

Brett Henyon
Brett Henyon's interests in safety extend far past patrolling. An EMS professional since 1990, Brett works part-time as a flight paramedic with the University of Virginia-Pegasus Flight Operations. Full-time, Brett owns a management training and development business. He started ski patrolling in 1998 at Wintergreen, and is currently a Certified patroller and the co-coordinator for the Southern Division Certified OEC team. He won a Purple Merit Star in 2003. In addition to patrolling, Brett works as a Saturday evening mountain manager at Wintergreen Resort, overseeing all aspects of slope and resort safety. Email Brett Henyon.

Mike Husar
A member of the Sunburst Ski Patrol in Wisconsin, Mike Husar won the 2010-2011 Outstanding Patrol Representative Award from the NSP, and his work ethic further inspired his niece Emily, who won the Outstanding Young Patroller Award. Mike started patrolling in 1975 as a young adult; in 1985, become the patrol director, a position he still holds. In that time, he has worked with his area owner to implement a post-incident investigation team and a skier education team. Mike spearheaded an effort to create a risk management seminar that could be presented to all mountain employees to increase guest safety. This season, Mike has instituted a new Mogul Mite Safety Program that will bring youths aged 5-15 into the patrol room to teach them not only how the patrol keeps guests safe, but the importance of Your Responsibility Code and Lids on Kids. Mike has also reached out into the community, providing ski patrol training to local firefighters, EMTs, and police officers. This training includes boot removal procedures, spinal care, chair evacuation, and cold water rescue. Email Mike Husar.

Sal Mascareñas
The 2013-14 season will mark Sal's 30th year as a patroller, with the last 20-plus years spent at Grand Targhee, Wyo. In addition to being a Senior patroller, Sal is a member of the Avalanche Hazard Reduction Team, a candidate/patroller trainer, and a Ski and Toboggan trainer at Grand Targhee. He is also an Intermountain Division Ski and Toboggan Instructor/Trainer. He has worked as a Toboggan instructor at several Powderfalls and at the Patroller Education Conference, and was previously the Intermountain Division Ski and Toboggan Supervisor. He has numerous awards from NSP, including a Yellow Merit Star, Meritorious Service Award, Distinguished Service Award, Intermountain S&T Instructor of the Year, and National Appointment Number 8160. Sal was also a member of the Utah Olympic Park's ski patrol, where, during the 2002 Winter Olympics, he was assigned to "Field of Play" and responsible for athlete and coach care during the track and jump events. Email Sal Mascareñas.

Tim O'Brien
Tim lives in the Lake Tahoe area and is currently a Senior ski patroller at Squaw Valley in California. He has been a patroller for 36 years, beginning at Bridger Bowl in Bozeman, Mont., and earned National Appointment Number 6192. Over the years, he has held a variety of divisional and regional leadership positions, and has been dedicated to teaching and training ski patrollers. Tim is both an instructor and instructor trainer in Outdoor Emergency Care and toboggan handling. He has been involved in the EMS community, and has been a champion for safety in facilities management for a variety of California universities. . Email Tim O'Brien.

Jason Tamulen
Jason Tamulen's work in the safety field has been ongoing for many years, both personally and professionally. He has been an emergency medical technician since 1992, and a police officer since 1996. Jason started as a ski patroller at Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in Massachusetts in 1988. During his years patrolling, he received the Junior Ski Patrol Award, Candidate Patroller of the Year, and became an OEC instructor. He has been a Senior patroller since 1993, and for the past two years has been the instructor of record for the annual patroller candidate class. Jason is an accident reconstructionist and has worked with the community promoting public safety for many years. Jason is excited to have been selected for the Safety Team, and looks forward to working with the NSP Safety Team to promote the mission statement. Email Jason Tamulen.

Safety Team Consultants
Mark Petrozzi, Ed Strapp, Lonny Whitcomb