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Silver Mountain (PACIFIC N.W. Division)
Patrol Type: Alpine

Silver Mountain Patrol Web Site :

NSP Patrol Rep: Jill Rinaldi -

Upcoming Course Schedule:

Course Type Course Begin Date End Date
Level 1 Avalanche for Rescue Personnel 28458 2/8/2014 2/23/2014
Patrol: P039 - Silver Mountain
Instructor: Arch Harrison
Class will be held on 2 weekends: 2/8-9/14 at 49 North; 2/22-23/14 at silver mountain. To complete the class you have to fully attend both weekends. Cost will include books NSP members $100; general public $200; volunteer search and rescue $150 To register please contact Arch Harrison 509-998-9384
Instructor Continuing Education Clinic - Avalanche 1 28893 3/22/2014 3/22/2014
Patrol: P039 - Silver Mountain
Instructor: Arch Harrison
This will be an enhancement class focusing on transceiver, probe line and other rescue elements. Participants need to have transceivers, probes, shovels. Contact Arch Harrison 509-998-9384 for further information and to register.

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