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Thank you for donating to NSP

National Ski Patrol consists of over 28,000 members across 11 divisions in the U.S. and Europe. While the common misperception is that all of these members are paid, it's very much the contrary. Out of these 28,000 patrollers, over 70 percent are completely volunteer. This is one of the great things that makes NSP unique, and why we're asking for your help in keeping this organization strong for the next 75 years. 

You can help the National Ski Patrol continue its mission of providing "Service and Safety" to ski areas and the public by making a secure, tax-deductible donation. Join us in supporting the essential work of the National Ski Patrol, and help us help others. Make a generous gift today!

If you'd like to make an unrestricted gift which includes the following categories listed, please click the PayPal button below. Please specify the details of your gift in the "Note to Seller" box on the PayPal donation site.

  • Donations for the Minnie Dole Memorial Fund in honor of loved ones who have passed away
  • Having a name listed on the 75th anniversary Cascade Rescue toboggan
  • Donation pledges
  • General donations
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