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Outdoor First Care

A first aid training program designed for ski area personnel and other outdoor recreation groups who may encounter medical emergencies before the ski patrol or other response team arrives. Based on Outdoor Emergency Care concepts, this course introduces basic assessment skills to help the non-patroller determine appropriate support for patients with a life-threatening illness or injury. Body substance isolation precautions are emphasized, in accordance with OSHA guidelines. This course is the standard of training for members of NSP’s Mountain Host Program.

This course is under revision. OEC instructors may use the Instructor Manual and content from the Outdoor Emergency Care Fifth Edition.


Time Commitment:Six to Eight Hours without CPR certification


Credentials:Course completion card (valid for three years)

Instructor of Record:OEC Instructor or other credentialed emergency care/first aid instructor

Required Texts:

  • Outdoor First Care Student Booklet
  • The instructor should also provide mouth shield, disposable gloves, and course completion card that accompany booklet (517-1 and 517-2)

Recommended References:

  • Outdoor Emergency Care 5th Edition -- "Login to member services, click on OEC 5th Edition Book cover to order Book."