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The OEC Refresher Program

In no other realm is continuing education more essential than in emergency care. That is why OEC technicians attend OEC refreshers on an annual basis. This intensive training activity distinquishes OEC certification from other EMS credentials, and helps full-and part-time rescuers update their competencies by reviewing one-third of the OEC curriculum.

For refreshers scheduled in your area, please go to the NSP geographic division websites and check their calendars.

OEC Refresher Study Guides Archives

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  1. Refresher Workbook C 2013 (Press Quality PDF)
  2. Refresher Workbook C 2013 (Low resolution PDF; quicker for downloading)


  1. Refresher Workbook B 2012 (PDF)


  1. Refresher Study Guide A 2011 (PDF)
  2. Further review indicates we needed to make the following change in the statement concerning the Orientation Exercise that appears on page 5 of the Instructor Study Guide and the Refresher Study Guide:
    "This Orientation Exercise is a suggested study guide to be used to prepare for the 2011 Cycle A refresher. The 32 questions which are presented cover new material found in the OEC Fifth Edition for the Cycle A refresher. These questions may be reviewed at your local refresher or used by you for your own personal study guide. The questions come from the "Stop, Think and Understand" sections of the OEC Fifth Edition and other chapter questions. The OEC Refresher Committee intends for these questions to be a useful study tool to help you familiarize yourself with new information contained in NSP's new OEC Fifth Edition."
  3. OEC 5th Edition Orientation Exercise (PDF)


  1. Refresher Study Guide C 2010 (PDF)
  2. You Are The Rescuer Cycle C 2010 (PDF)


  1. Refresher Study Guide B 2009 (PDF)
  2. You Are The Rescuer Cycle B 2009 (PDF)


  1. Refresher Study Guide A 2008 (PDF)
  2. You Are The Rescuer Cycle A 2008 (PDF)